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The Freedom Plaza logo symbolizes the Freedom Tree, an important community landmark that holds major cultural and emotional significance to the residents of Jordan Downs. For many years, this leafy tree was a central gathering place for the local community and the site of many shared activities and events. With its deep roots in the community, the Freedom Tree is a reminder of the beauty and strength of growth and renewal, and a fitting symbol for the new retail center.

The Freedom Plaza logo has been designed to reflect the history
of the Watts Freedom Tree and be a symbol for the rebirth of the community.

grow with us

introducing freedom plaza

Freedom Plaza, is the centerpiece of the transformation of a 105-acre, high-density community in Watts into a vibrant and sustainable mixed-use, master planned urban village. The 9.5-acre retail center provides 114,431 square feet of retail space including Smart & Final, Nike, Ross and ample opportunity for retailers, restaurants and community-serving businesses. Landscaped promenades and an intricate plaza provide areas for the community to gather and socialize. This pedestrian-oriented center provides much needed amenities and services to the surrounding community, and is a safe and family-friendly destination for shopping, dining and enjoying the outdoor Southern California lifestyle.

renew and reimagine

sustainable urban design

Freedom Plaza creates an urban oasis in the heart of the city. Designed with green building principles and sustainable materials, this open-air retail center features contemporary architecture, drought tolerant landscaping, and an interactive water feature surrounded by restaurants and retail spaces. Pedestrian-oriented plazas insulated from the street by shops and landscaping provides comfortable areas for strolling, gathering, performances and community celebrations. Music playing through concealed speakers throughout the center, and ample parking with extensive landscaping provides a unique environment for shoppers.

capture the market

a unique opportunity for retailers

Freedom Plaza provides 114,431 square feet of retail space to include major retailers, a full service grocery store, plaza shops, specialty users, and casual and sit-down dining. The local community will provide tremendous purchasing power within a 3-mile radius, and a loyal, social media connected customer base of upwardly mobile and dual income families eager to purchase local goods and services. Freedom Plaza offers a convenient and safe location for the community to shop, dine and relax within the neighborhood, and enhances access to a healthy lifestyle with fitness opportunities, fresh produce and accessible dining options.

a greener main street

easy access to healthy living

Freedom Plaza is served by a new “Main Street” being created by the extension and improvement of Century Boulevard, which will run the length of the master-planned community. Century Boulevard has been extended from El Segundo on the west becoming Tweedy Boulevard on the east through the City of South Gate, allowing for direct access to the shopping center. Public transit is accessible to local residents and visitors to the center via a new bus line currently being rerouted through Jordan Downs. Residents will benefit from these urban planning strategies which will create a greener and more sustainable future for generations.

Projected aggregate use of approximately 59,600 vehicles at the intersection per day.

your table is ready

satisfy the tastes of a diverse community

Freedom Plaza will offer a singular opportunity for casual and quality dining opportunities to serve the local community. Area residents are greatly in need of family-friendly and healthy dining options. With easy access to the center via Alameda and Century Boulevards and ample free parking, restaurants will attract daytime and evening shoppers and diners from around the area. A young, loyal and growing customer base with disposable income and a hearty appetite is sure to support JDP’s businesses.

a healthy lifestyle

fresh, fit and fabulous

For the first time, local residents will be able to purchase fresh produce in a full-service grocery store in their neighborhood. Freedom Plaza will feature a 31,000 square foot Smart & Final Extra! offering a wide variety of fresh meats, seafood, dairy, fruits and vegetables in one convenient location. Local residents will benefit from easy access to nutritious and wholesome food options for themselves and their families, both at the market and at various dining options within the center. The new community master plan will promote healthy living and overall fitness through the development of new parks, a fitness center and a community center, which will provide recreational facilities for the Watts neighborhood.

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